Lee goldman artist


Lee Goldman was born and raised in South Africa. From an early age she expressed an interest in art. She studied art in high school and then completed a diploma in Graphic Design from the Johannesburg College of Art.

In 1978 she immigrated to Canada with her family and devoted time to raising her two children, Her return to the art world was initiated by a computer design course at OCAD, a relationship that would not last long. “I like to be able to touch and directly manipulate my work, I find the computer to be too mechanical”. This led to a series of pieces involving different textures, some found, some natural and some commercial, as well as Japanese papers and widely woven fabrics. She started to introduce painted images and sometimes photographs. Using the acrylic medium she added a touch of realism to the otherwise abstract composition. These early experiments have been shown privately and in restaurants. The natural progression resulted in an exhibit. “I am fascinated with colour, and texture. I see possible compositions in unrelated places like brick walls, rusty metal and peeling paint.”


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